Oil well

It is time to open up a new chapter in the history of resource extraction in Germany.

We stand for future-proof exploration and production activities in harmony with society.

As a next-generation energy company, RDG combines sustainable and socially responsible E&P activities in its core business – for the domestic resources of tomorrow, renewable energies in the local area and preservation of the environment. 

As a growing company, RDG specialises in the further development and optimisation of extraction processes at existing oil and gas fields.  

As an independent company under the aegis of Petroleum Equity, RDG combines the long-standing expertise of its Austrian founding company RAG with cutting-edge, technological know-how in the field of E&P. A pioneering culture of dialogue in addition to stringent environmental and safety standards passed down from the former parent company remain firmly entrenched in the DNA of RDG.  One example of this dialogue can be seen in our project in Ampfing, in the Bavarian region of Salzach-Inn.

Our mission

Dialogue and society

An important part of RDG’s history is the company’s distinct concept of dialogue. This culture of communication provides experts and politicians with an opportunity to reassess the E&P industry in a positive manner. 

Our communications strategy is rooted in dialogue and consensus – regionally and nationally, including the media, politics and citizens alike. Our aim is to inform and speak with local people at an early stage of the process. 

RDG sees itself as a fair partner and reliable neighbour. 

One example of this dialogue can be seen in our project in Ampfing, in the Bavarian region of Salzach-Inn. 

Domestic supply of oil, a high-tech resource
Generation & usage of renewable energies in the local area
Preservation and rejuvenation of the natural environments

Domestic recources

RDG’s aim is to further develop existing oil and gas fields in addition to tapping into potential additional deposits in the areas adjacent to these fields. As a high-tech company, RDG works in accordance with the highest environmental standards and examines the viability of using renewable energies for all its projects right from the word go. Only conventional extraction activities are conducted, with RDG continuing to categorically rule out the use of fracking. 

We see oil as a high-tech resource and driving force of the energy revolution. It is a fundamental element in industrial production processes and forms part of our daily lives – oil is used for objects such as smartphones, textiles and even in wind turbines.

Corporate Structure

RDG GmbH & Co. KG is an independent company under the aegis of the specialist investment company Petroleum Equity (PE). RDG’s long-term objective is to align existing development sites towards sustainable, environmentally friendly extraction processes, including potential secondary usage with renewable energies and full ecological restoration. 

The german based company operates from offices in Hannover and Vienna. Felix Lerch (CEO) and Michael Lynch (CFO) represent the executive board of RDG. 

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